Guy Lab

Prof. Kip Guy is seeking a highly self-motivated, creative, and capable postdoctoral scholar to design and synthesize novel small molecules and support various drug discovery programs within his lab in the University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy.
The successful candidate will independently design, plan, and execute multi-step organic syntheses and purifications of small molecules for in vitro and in vivo testing. He or she will track structure activity relationships (SAR), structure property relationships (SPR), carry out multi-parameter optimization, and work as part of an interdisciplinary team. The successful candidate will also participate in writing scientific reports, papers, grants, and SOPs as well as have opportunities to present their research outcomes and findings at national and international conferences. Extensive experience in small molecule synthesis is strongly desired.

The Guy lab conducts chemical biology and preclinical drug discovery research aimed at improving patient outcomes by addressing unmet clinical need in the areas of cancers and infectious diseases. Our lab focuses on making high-quality chemical probes that act on potential new targets and using those probes to study changes in disease biology both in vitro and in vivo. Ultimately, these studies serve to validate the novel targets as druggable and provide a chemical lead to start drug discovery. Our highly collaborative and multidisciplinary project teams include synthetic, medicinal, and analytical chemists; structural, cell, and developmental biologists; parasitologists; pharmacologists; and clinicians.

Required Education: PhD
Preferred Education/experience: A graduate degree in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, or a related field. Expert in the rational design and execution of multi-step target-oriented synthesis. Proficient and knowledgeable in the methods, instrumentation, and the interpretation of data for NMR, chromatographic separation (analytical/prep HPLC), LC/MS, and other analytical methods used to characterize small molecules. Knowledge of medicinal chemistry principles is desired but not required. Enjoy working in a dynamic, fast paced team environment. Excellent written, verbal and time managements skills, along with a team oriented and highly motivated demeanor.
Interested parties should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and brief research summary (under specific request 1) to the online posting: