Who’s Listed


My group compiled these links with input from several colleagues at UC Davis and elsewhere. The success of Matt McIntosh’s OrganicLinks (www.organiclinks.net) at unifying members of the synthetic organic committee suggested that a similar organizing platform would be useful for researchers in chemical biology. This emerging research area draws from seemingly more disparate fields including synthetic and biological chemistry as well as molecular, cell, systems, and structural biology, just to name a few.

This site is meant to mirror almost exactly the original site set up by Matt McIntosh. Although some researchers will be listed on both sites, it is our goal to generally pick up where that site leaves off with regard to investigators who work at the interface of chemistry and biology.

As with OrganicLinks, this site is not intended to be comprehensive and it will be impossible to list every investigator in chemistry, biology and everything in between. Investigators will be added upon request if their publication record indicates a tendency to work in chemistry and biology, though it is assumed that most research tilts toward one field or the other.